21 Day Healthy Gut Meal Plan Program

If the GAPS Diet is too overwhelming for you, however you know that you need to make dietary changes, then I have created a ’21 Day Healthy Gut Meal Plan’ program which will definitely help get you back on the road to health.

This program is designed to ease you into healthier eating habits by simply choosing from a selection of delicious recipes which I have put together for your breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. I will then send you a weekly customised meal plan together with a weekly shopping list and the full recipes for all meals. All you then need to do, is prepare the food and enjoy!

I also provide you with a ‘Meal Plan Preparation Guide’, weekly tips and ongoing support throughout the 21 days. My goal is to hopefully provide you with ideas, motivation and inspiration so that after the 21 days, not only will you feel better, you will also want to continue on your journey back to balance.

Let me help take the overwhelm out of your life!


Here’s a testimonial from Vicky, Albany WA

“If you are interested in doing a dietary overhaul, I would highly recommend starting with the 21 Day Healthy Gut Meal Plan program. Debi has many great tasting healthy recipes that will help you transition from your usual way of eating.  Debi is very helpful and available throughout the 21 Days and in choosing this program you will be on your way to gut healing. I’m glad I did it!”