Fussy Eater's Mealtime Management Program

GAPS Fussy Eating
‘It’s feeding time! Oh, no!’

Dealing with a picking eater can be very stressful, affecting everyone in the family. Food refusal can occur for several reasons, some of which may not be fully understood. I can help you discover peace and fulfilment for you and your child through a comprehensive, caring consultation.

During this in-depth course, you and your child will develop a new relationship with food, and be rewarded with a fun and healthy way to relate to each other. I offers empathy, encouragement, and resources to guide you through this journey. I will help you set realistic goals for you and your child so you can experience success and growth together.

My objective is to empower families of children with fussy eating problems to build confidence in their ability to change their child’s relationship with food by providing support and guidance to successfully implement the GAPS Fussy Eating Mealtime Management Program. This course is based on GAPS Fussy Eating/MTM (meal time management) protocols that implement strict Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) strategies (explained in the GAPS book under the chapter marked ‘it’s feeding time! Oh, no!’)

So what does the course consist of:-

This is an extensive education program aimed at parents who want to better understand why their children are fussy eaters to begin with and what they can do about it.

The course includes:-

  • Understanding Fussy Eating & Physiological Components
  • Fussy Eating Mealtime Management Program Strategies
  • Reward Types
  • Verbal and Non Verbal Approaches
  • Motivation Commitments & Preparation for Success
  • Selecting the Right Reward
  • Supportive Mealtime Management Tools and Templates
  • Putting it all together
  • Compliance Issues

Additional resources include: http://www.gaps.me/fussy-eaters-and-failure-to-thrive.php “Have faith, give it all you have and think of food as your love. What do you have to lose?” Linda Paterson GAPS Nutrition Consultant GAPS Australia, or check out the article ‘Fussy Eaters and the GAPS Diet: a mother’s story’ by Linda Patterson, GAPS Practitioner in the Blog section of this website.