How to get started on the GAPS Diet

Structured and Personalised GAPS Programmes.

The foundation of a healthy life is a healthy gut. Without a deep awareness and respect for our digestive system and its intimate connection with our brain and our thoughts, our entire life suffers. Once you discover the foods that heal and those that only irritate and cause disease, buying and preparing food becomes less confusing and life becomes so much more rewarding on many levels. However, it’s the getting started that can be the stumbling block.

I will help by demystifying and supporting your successful implementation of the GAPS Diet. Initially we begin with a comprehensive consultation structure and a week long ‘mood and food’ diary, these will then enable me to personalise your GAPS experience. Once we have a plan in place, the next step is teaching you how to successfully implement the protocol. This includes how to prepare GAPS foods, and if you are embarking on the GAPS Introduction Diet, I will advise when to introduce new foods, and how to successfully move through the 6 stages. NOTE: The GAPS Introduction Diet is the most intense phase of the nutritional protocol because it focuses on “gut healing”. You can move through the Introduction Diet as fast or as slow as your individual condition will permit. The duration at each phase is individual and can last weeks, months, or even years depending on your individual symptoms.

I offer all this support in a 4 hour package format. After the initial hour consultation, I normally recommend 3 hours for food preparation to get you underway, as well as a month of ongoing support.  Thereafter I offer ongoing personalised GAPS coaching, if needed, to help you through the nutritional protocol at your individual pace, at a half hour or hourly rate.